About Us

Our foundation was founded by Natasha Moorer, a former classroom and Reading Teacher with a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  The Reading P.A.K. Foundation was born out of her passion for reading and realizing the dire need for an affordable and high quality children's literacy program that would meet the needs of the least reached families in urban areas, Title I schools, and low-income families.  The Reading P.A.K. Foundation wants to empower parents in nurturing and supporting their child's literacy by providing them with the high quality resources they need like workshops, free books, and more. 












Our Beliefs

  • Knowing and learning how to read is right, not a privilege that should be afforded to all children despite economic circumstance.

  • All children can read and read well  when surrounded with a language  rich environment filled with good language support: daily conversations;  exciting books; plenty of opportunity to be read to and to read independently; the freedom to tell tall tales created by vivid imaginations.  

  • You, parents, are your child's first teacher. 

  • Armed with the right knowledge and information, parents are more than equipped to raise successful readers who excel in school and life and love to read




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